Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

Promise Land Resort Association

Traditionally the blooming of the dogwood and redbud trees indicates the beginning of spring. The warm sunny days and spring showers in March bring the area to life. The lush greens and abundant wild flowers paint a colorful picture of the areas rolling landscape.

It's this time of year when the fishing is at its very best. The warming waters of spring awaken the abundant variety of fish moving up from their deep water homes, preparing to spawn.Bull Shoals Lake offers many opportunities for a successful fishing trip. The Arkansas Game & Fish stocks many species of fish in the lake. Every spring there are over 150,000 adult rainbow trout stocked into the lake. 200,000 plus walleye fingerlings, 100,000 plus crappies and 75,000 catfish.

March, April and May are the times when even the beginner will have success on Bull Shoals. Bass, Walleye, Crappie and Trout are just a few of the fish that can be caught at this time of the year.  The warm waters of June, July and August move the fish into deeper, cooler waters during the daytime. However, they may move up to the shallower waters after dark to begin their feeding.

September, October and November the fish go into a feeding frenzy-chasing shad both deep and shallow. In the wintertime, the fish find deep water homes. Moving in large groups, along with the baitfish, makes this one of the best times for catching fish in large numbers.

Come join our 14th annual Promise Land Area Resort Association Bass fishing tournament April  27 - 29th. 100% payback $40 per team, optional big bass $10. Contact any Promise Land Resort for more details. Click here for entry form..